Culinary until Friday 12th of October

Cooking with ingredients by Mother Natur.

Gardenfresh pumpkins home-made red cabbage carrots brussel sprouts beetroot à l’orange day by day, various and healthy lentils chick peas polenta potatoes. Home-made sauces only, European fresh fish, Swiss meat and Swiss chicken. All fines herbes are fresh!

Beef roulade rosemary coriander chervil and red wine, chicken butterfly tarragon breast Dijon mustard white wine, fresh filets of salmon Norway dill, beef stuffed peperonis parsley Mascarpone, and home-made fresh avocado egg soufflé.

No convenience products, no industrial additives!

Please ask us for allergens.

Sincerely yours SMEILEY’S-Team with Jussara & Daniel Meile, enjoy your lunch